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New York City Dating

5 Great New York City Dates

The Hayden Planetarium - Find Love, Romance, and Alfa Centuri at The Museum of Natural History. Central Park West at 79th Street. 212-769-5100. Even if it's cloudy The stars are still out. Go, snuggle, and enjoy The minutiae of us all.

The New York Botanical Gardens - Watch love bloom while walking through miles of gardens or enjoying educational programs. There are freeetours of the complete gardens and before going check out this weeks featured garden.

The New York Aquarium - Watch The fishes reproduce see a turtles, sharks, whales, and all sorts of other creatures do the dance of love.

The New York Stock Exchange - If money turns her (or him) on.. go see where wealth is created. Watch the frenzy of activity from the viewing gallery and Then take a tour of the facility.

Madam Tussaud's in New York - The Britished based wax museum's New York branch is a 50 million dollar spectacle. it features 200 realistic looking wax figures of New York celebriites.

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