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Madison Square Garden

Madison Square Garden is known for mainly 2 things- sports and entertainment. The main building, situated on 7th avenue between 31st and 33rd street, has been recreated four times. The first MSG was built in 1879. The current MSG (the fourth building) was opened on February 11, 1968. The Garden has been known for the concerts that famous personalities hold there. Also it is known to be the NYC home of the Ringling Bros and Barnum and Bailey Circus. The Garden currently is home to the New York Knicks, Liberty, Rangers, and various boxing events and college basketball teams. The following is a listing of basic information about each of the teams that you can see when you visit the Garden.

New York Rangers (Hockey): Tickets. The season usually runs between October and April. Tickets will run between $27 and $139.50.

New York Knicks (Men's Basketball): Tickets The season usually runs between November and April. Tickets will run between $10 and $285.

Boxing: Tickets The date and ticket prices vary according to who's fighting. Tickets can go as high as $1000 for ringside seating.

College Basketball: Tickets varies according to the school's season.

Madison Square Garden Area Hotels:
If you are planning to go to many things in the vicinity of Madison Square Garden, there are several hotels that you can stay that are close-by.
Hotel and Location
Southgate Hotel 371 Seventh Avenue
Howard Johnson @ Penn Station 215 W 34th Street
Ramada New Yorker 481 8th Avenue
Holiday Inn Martinique 49 W 32nd Street
Hotel Metro 45 W 35th Street
Comfort Inn Manhattan 42 W 35th Street

Madison Square Garden Area Restaurants:
Madison Square Garden, luckily, is almost in the center of most of the best restaurants in Manhattan. There are even several that you won't find anywhere else- only in New York City. If you want to stick to something that you already know, you might want to go to TGIFridays (162 W 34th Street), Applebee's (234 W 42nd Street), Sbarro (159 W 33rd Street), Olive Garden (2 Times Square Plaza), or Outback Steakhouse (60 W 23rd Street). If you're interested in a steak dinner or a grilled meal, you might want to try Frankie and Johnnie's Steakhouse at 32 W 37th Street or Kabooz's Bar and Grill at 2 Penn Plaza. If you want a little tex-mex food, try Chevy's at 259 W 42nd Street.

Now for those of you that want an experience that you can basically only get in NYC, you might want to go to 2 places. The first place is the Jekyll and Hyde Pub at one of two locations: 91 7th Avenue or 1409 6th Avenue. While at the pub, you can experience animated statues that actually talk to you (like Dreadmina the Vampire), stage shows that demonstrate all things associated with the Jekyll and Hyde tale (with Professor Shroud or Dreadworthy the Butler), and classic horror movies (like Young Frankentstein) being played on tv's throughout the pub. The second place to go is Mars 2112 at 1633 Broadway. If you are into space and what could possibly be beyond, this is the place for you. When you enter the building, you board a simulated flight to Mars and experience the Mars terrain and meet its residents. Even the food has a spacey name.

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