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New York Sports Guide

In 1929, the New York Yankees became the first team to make numbers a permanent part of the uniform. Other teams quickly adopted the idea and, by 1932, uniform numbers became standard for all teams. The initial distribution of numbers on the Yankees was made according to the player’s position in the batting order.

Yankee Stadium is one of the most famous ballparks in the world. Some of the most famous baseball players of all time have plaques out in center field in the memorial at Yankee Stadium.

During the first visit to North America by a Pope, Paul VI celebrated mass before a crowd in excess of 80,000. Fourteen years later, John Paul II also made Yankee Stadium a stop on his tour of the United States.

Yankee Stadium

History :

The House That Ruth Built. The stadium is home to the famous 26 time World Champions and 39 American League Pennant winners, the New York Yankees- or the Bronx Bombers. The stadium is a landmark of its own. The stadium was built in the early 1920's at 161st street and River Avenue in the South Bronx because the Yankees, at the time, were sharing a field with their rivals the Giants at The Polo Grounds. Opening day for the Yankees in their own stadium was on April 18, 1923 against their famous rival, the Boston Red Sox (one year after they traded Babe Ruth to the Yankees). That same year they won the championship against their former landlords, the Giants.

There are many little known facts about the stadium. For one, the stadium was originally brown with green seats- yuck! In 1967, the stadium received a face change and was painted white with blue seats. Also the stadium has housed other events aside from Yankee games. From 1956 through 1973, the New York Giants shared the space until they received their home The Meadowlands Arena. The stadium was also used for numerous boxing as well as religious events.

Tickets /Season:
Beginning in March through October, you can purchase tickets to see the Yankees fight for another World Championship. Tickets are between $8 and $580. I advise you to purchase your tickets in advance because you can't expect to find "hot" tickets the day of the game, i.e. Yankees vs. Red Sox. Everyone wants to see these two rival teams battle. Another set of tickets hard to come by are the Subway Series tickets with the Yankees vs. the Mets. The most interesting seats to sit are called the Bleachers. When you sit there you are called one of the "Bleacher Creatures". Don't take offense. You'll see why they're called that the day of the game. Tickets

Staten Island Yankees:

If you are interested in seeing where the players for the Yankees usually get their start, you might want to go see a Staten Island Yankees game. The team is also affectionately known as the "Baby Bombers". This is the Single "A" version of the Yankees; the son of the Yankee team. The team regularly plays at the Richmond County Bank Ballpark at 75 Richmond Terrace in Staten Island. Tickets can be bought in advance or the day of. Just hop aboard the free ferry and you'll be there.

Where to eat in the area:
Most people think of the South Bronx and automatically think of Jimmy's Bronx Cafe. Sorry folks, but Jimmy's not home anymore. The Cafe sadly has been closed and is now being made into a seafood restaurant. But there are several other places that you can go to eat in the area. If you want to go someplace nearby, you can take a walk down River Avenue to the Yankees Eatery (844 River Avenue), or up the block to 900 Grand Concourse and get a Jamaican Patty or Cocoa Bread at the Golden Krust Cafe. If you want a casual sit-down Italian meal, you can go to the Venice Restaurant and Pizza at 772 E 149th street. For those of you adults that had your fill of the high-priced hot dogs and other snacks in the stadium that just want some friendly conversation and a few drinks, you can head on over to the Yankee Tavern (72nd E 161st street) or the News Room (854 Gerard Avenue). For those of you that are avid fans and want to continue your Yankee experience, why not try Mickey Mantle's at 42 Central Park South where you can soak in the atmosphere of a famous Yankee. You can also get great sports memorabilia as a souvenir.

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